Do writers lie about their trauma on Medium?

I love reading and writing on Medium

I have been doing therapy for two years. I used a lot of defenses to avoid my feelings

I would give advice or fix things for people instead of sharing in their pain

I would stay really busy all the time. I indulged in obsessions and acheivement to avoid feelings

I would redirect to more surface level conversations when any conversations went to deep

I talked in circles when anyone asked me questions about me

I spaced out when things got too deep

Therapy has changed me. Now I am feeling and it doesn’t feel good

I need to get all the grief that’s in me out. I read peoples stories on Medium and I relate and I cry. I am crying and crying and its all spilling out of me

I am greiving

People who write on Medium are authentic and vulnerable. They are real

Recently I read a trauma story on Medium which didn’t feel real. Something about it was off

I do group therapy and I hear a lot of people’s stories. I know what people sound like when they tell their stories. I can sense the pain. Its real and it comes out and grabs my heart

Traumatic memories are not the same as other memories. They have no beginning and no end. Parts of them hide from consciousness. Some parts of traumatic memory loom larger than others and some render the victim mute

This story was written like fiction. It was too well organized and the feelings weren’t real but the writer maintained it was real

Would someone really do such a thing? It mocks me and mocks all the other people writing on here whose pain is real